"Renegade" is our newest baby in our flogger line. She has no handle and is fun to swing. Great for close up work, or for Florentine work.

Renegade 20" long including the knot. There are 48 , 1/4" wide lashes. A great weight! Try one, I assure you, it will be the most unique toy in your toybag. !

Introductory offer $50.00


The Barbarian is one Nasty toy.  It is NOT for the faint of heart, or the newbie.  Please be advised this is seriously harsh.  The Barbarian is a flogger made of latigo lace lashes, with knots tied on to give the  barbed-wire effect.   The lashes are 20" long.    Again I warn anyone who purchases this, be aware it will welt, bruise and cut the skin.

color choices only for the handles.  All the latigo lashes are black.

We offer this new flogger for $75.00.  


Sasi's Thumper is a fun and unique flogger.  It has 15 lashes 1/4" wide, approximately, 15" long, with a 4" strip of bunny fur on it to thoroughly confuse your submissive.   First the softness of the  fur, and then the bite of the leather tips.  Your sub won't know what toy is in your hands with this flogger.  

Color choices on the leather only.  Bunny fur can be white, black, or anywhere in between.  We don't have alot of choices, but you may request, and we will do our best to get you the bunny of your choosing.    $50.00 each

Suede or Cow Hide Floggers

       Our Cowhide and Suede floggers are fun and give a good deal of thud.  The handles are all 8" long and are braided with Turks head knots on the ends. The handles have double thickness of leather for comfort in holding.


     All floggers have color choices for handles unless otherwise stated.  Red, Blue, Purple, Brown, and Black . Choose your colors to make it yours. some metallic are available upon request.

18" lashes  $80.00

22" lashes  $90.00

24" lashes  $ 100.00

for other sizes inquire at email address on front page. For Deer hide floggers, add $10 per size.

Subby Special

This cute little flogger is just 14" long with an 8" handle.  The flogger has 30 lashes in your choice of colors ( see suede floggers for color choices )  Made of suede or cowhide. $ 70.00

 Dom Special


This flogger is made with the Dominants in mind It consists of 55 lashes, 1/4 " wide and is 24" long. The handle is 8" long for good balance. This flogger is sure to make anyone cringe with the 55 tips make contact ! Your choice of colors and leathers of cowhide or suede.     $100.00

Switcher's Fury

This flogger is made of 2 different weights of leather.  On the inside there are 15 lashes of heavier weight leather.  Surrounding it, are 30 lashes of lighter weight leather.  The lashes are 22" long with an 8" handle. ( see suede floggers for color choices ) $135.00

Twisted Pleasure and Mini, and Medium

              Here is a flogger that has it all !  Made of suede lashes, the Twisted Pleasure full length is 20" long with twists every 4".  It has an 8" handle for good balance. (See color choices on suede floggers) This flogger is both stingy and thudy.  

The Regular sized Twisted Pleasure is $90.00

The Medium sized is 14" long,  with a 7" handle  $ 55.00

and the Mini is just 12" long with a 7" handle. $40.00


Half-cat Flogger


            An interesting combination of cat 9 tail and 36, 1/4" wide flogger tails below.   $100.00


Mega Flogger

Mini Mega Flogger


    Mega Flogger  is an enormous flogger, consisting of 85 lashes and a 12" weighted handle.  The lashes are 34" long. This flogger is not for the weak .. either swinging or receiving. $ 190.00

    Mini Mega has 85 lashes also, but is only 20" long with a 10" weighted handle.  $165.00

 ( see color choices above in suede flogger listings )  


Mini Whips

Pussy/ Titty Whips

        This is a miniature version of our suede flogger that is good for any type of close play.  We offer it in cowhide and suede, and deer hide as well.  We highly recommend the lashes be waterproof cowhide so they may be cleaned easier, but they will be black or brown only.   For color choices go with the suedes.   15 lashes, 12" long with a 7" handle.  ( see your color choices in suede floggers )  $ 35.00



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