Rope Floggers

    This rope flogger has 20" of nylon rope that has been frayed out, with an 8" handle woven in 1/4" strips of leather in a spiral design. It can produce the most sensual of sensations, and with some power behind the swing, can be quite thuddy.   The rope is white, and you have your same color choices from the floggers, red, black, green, blue, purple, brown and some metallic colors if available       $40.00

Rope Cat 9 Tail

This is a Rope Cat 9 Tail, made with 9 flat braids of polypropylene rope. The braids are approx 14" long to the leather knots with approximately a 4" frayed ends.  The Handle is 8" long and made with hardwood core. color choices for the rope part only, are red, blue, black, purple, and white.  Handle colors are as the rope flogger above. $50.00 each

Knot So Sweet

    This is our braided nylon rope flogger.   A single braid comes from the handle and splits into 6 smaller flat braids then to the frayed ends.. Feels nice, you have the sensual softness of the nylon and a thud from the leather knots.  Choose your colors to coordinate with your other toys .              $ 50.00

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