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Please send your order to just ONE of these Sales Reps...

Do not send to both!   Thank you... 

we will get back with you for shipping costs and product availability.

 All our floggers are individually handmade by sheri .

 This is done to assure quality workmanship and the best possible leathers and prices.

    Please allow 3 weeks for regular stock orders to be shipped, and 4 weeks for special custom orders to be shipped, once we have received payment.

    We have new shipping information.   We now will be shipping via UPS or Priority Mail, our choice,  unless  asked to ship another way.    The minimum shipping will now be $8.00 unless stated otherwise. ALL funds to be accepted in US Currency Only, this is for Paypal, money orders, and cashier's checks. Thank you !

     We gladly accept custom orders. Sometimes they are the most fun to make !  If it is within our capabilities and we can get the materials to do so, we will be more than pleased to make it for you.

Due to the nature of Custom designed orders, we cannot and will not be able to refund money, but will do everything in our best efforts to fix any problems.

    We do our best to obtain the top quality leathers and hardwoods used in our floggers and toys.,   We will repair or replace at our discretion, any item you may have a problem with.  In other words if your dog eats your flogger, please do not ask for a free replacement.

Copy and paste this section and then email to me if you wish with the appropriate parts filled in. Or just email us with the following information.. We  will get back to you on shipping costs !

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     spiral           shadowbox            diamond    

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Or for beaded handles on Evil Stick family. need color and design requested.. 

NO guarantee on the design but will try to do as asked.. I will advise if I can't do it.

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   All prices subject to change without notice. At this time we accept Cash, Cashiers Checks, Money Orders

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