Dragon's Whips


The Dragon's Whip is a fun toy. Remember those days when you used to snap a towel at someone? Well now we have a toy that works the same way !   Snap your sub and hear the gasps !   A truly fun toy.  These will pop like a single tail but advise getting a nylon popper for it, so the tip doesn't fray!!!     Approx 34" long.  Of course we have our braided handle on these as well.  Your color choices are  red, blue, black, brown, purple and some metallic if available.  Metallic is not recommended for the tail portion.

Get Yours Today for just  $60.00

******** SPECIAL NOTE ******* These toys will pop as a single tail does.  However, the tips will fray. Therefore we suggest using string poppers added to the tips. We cannot guarantee these tips if used as a single tail , causing the tips to fray.  We are now selling  short popper strings to add to your dragons and baby dragons also. see below.

Baby Dragon's Whips

Our Dragon had a baby.  It is 16" long tail on an 8" handle.  Great for flogging, or snapping like a towel.    This is a great toy for the beginner as well as the experienced.  Believe it or not !! this will pop slightly but recommend using a popper attached if you want to play that way.. as the tip will fray.  Something new for your toy bag at an affordable price!                      

Offered in suede or cowhide tails, and your choice of color handle.                   

Get Yours  for just  $35.00

Dragon Poppers 

They are made solely for the Dragon toys (and are only available in black).

  2 to a package for just $1.50

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