Comments from our Customers

" Your product designer has an evil mind "

" I can't believe your prices ! "

" We can't wait to see what you will make next !"

" the Angel Maker is WICKED !  Thank you !"

" Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I love my new toys"

" Quality and workmanship exceeds all expectations at the price that is charged."

" Kudo's to your development team, very nice and evil  toys"

" I have 3 words for your evil sticks,  cute, innocent looking,  and Deliciously Nasty !"

" The Angel Maker has to be my MOST Nastiest Toy in my toy bag !"

" The Evil stick is Truly EVIL."

" I thought I had every evil toy, until I found your products ,  WOW !"

" I can't wait to see your new toys, I want all you have to offer."

" Rough Rider is amazing!"

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