Cat 9 Tails

  Our Cat tails are 4 strand, round braids in cowhide. The lashes are approximately 18" long with a variety of ends to choose from. Choose V-cut as seen, or knotted for that extra bite.  Order these with color choices in the handles.  Choose from Red, Black, Blue, purple or metallic is available upon special request  You may choose suede for the braids if you wish.      $90.00


Half-cat Flogger


            An interesting combination of cat 9 tail and 36, 1/4" wide flogger tails below.   $100.00


Devil's Delight

This is a smaller version of the Cat.  It has 5 round cow hide braids that are 14" long and a 7" handle.   The handle is woven in 12 plait weave in your choice of colors.  ( see Cat 9 Tail for color choices )  The braids will have a v-cut tail.     $55.00

Pussy Cats and Tom Cats

      This little cat is a must for any toy bag !  It consists of a 7" handle, woven as our larger ones are, with the knots on the ends of the handle.  

The 5,  Pussy Cat tails are 4 plait round braid in cowhide 10" long. The ends are rounded tabs.  

The 5 Tom Cat tails are same as above but the ends are V-cut tabs.    

The cowhide is waterproof for ease in cleaning.  

The color choices are  the same as the cat  9 tail.                              $40.00                                   

Rope Cat 9 Tail

This is a Rope Cat 9 Tail, made with 9 flat braids of polypropylene rope. The braids are approx 14" long to the leather knots with approximately a 4" frayed ends.  The Handle is 8" long and made with hardwood core. color choices for the rope part only, are red, blue, black, purple, and white.  Handle colors choices are the same as the Cat 9 Tail.    $50.00 each



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