Leather Roses

Our new item is a leather rose on a 12" stem.  $15.00 each

Give that favorite someone a rose today ! 




Over the Door Restraints

      These over the door restraints are used in place of a St Andrews Cross.  They are placed over the door, then the door is shut. The straps hang down, and care secure when the door is closed.  Put a pair under or along side the door for a full cross effect.  Keep them close together or spread them apart for a difference in effects. 

         Great for when traveling. Those motel rooms are just not very accommodating for  kinky folks.  Even at home if you have no room for a cross !      

 $30.00 a pr

These restraints are not intended for full body suspension.

Door Corner Restraints



     These restraints slip over the corners of your doors and are used  to replace a cross where you have no room for one.  Good for use on any door.  Be aware some doors are hollow and may not support alot of weight.  Just hook your snap hooks onto them, and you can use your quick release hooks on them.  

                                                                          Economical at just $ 30.00.

These restraints are not intended for full body suspension.

Hog Tie Ring

    We offer a 2 1/2" chromed Ring with 4 leather tabs attached to it with trigger snaps on the ends.  You can put your sub into very interesting positions with this handy toy.  Leather parts can be Red, Blue, Purple, Green or Black

              Just  $35.00 each


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